Teilhard and the Internet — A Re-appraisal

Don Dulchinos

President, Neurosphere Technologies




In the 1990’s, spiritually-oriented members of the high-tech community argued that the Internet represented the emergence of Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere. But first the overwhelming profits of Internet companies, and then later problems like Facebook’s…

MedTech, Entrepreneurial, and the Wild West

Don Dulchinos, Founder and CEO, Neurosphere Technologies


©Neurosphere Technologies, 2021

This article will take a broad look at the neuromodulation or neurostim market, and future reports will focus on updates to this framework. This report identifies and distributes companies into basically three categories — MedTech (the big — think…

Presented at Science of Consciousness 2020, September 14–18, 2020

Don Dulchinos

CEO, Neurosphere Technologies

Founder, Transformative Tech Boulder




This presentation seeks to describe a path to better identify neural correlates of consciousness, in the hard problem sense, leveraging the transformational impact of past and future growth in…

Don Dulchinos

Experienced senior tech exec. Now leading TransTech Boulder, building tech for mental wellness, emotional wellbeing, and human flourishing.

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